Our Services

Remote Health Care

e-Hospital provides health care services for the rural remote patients. e-Hospital has local centers located in different remote rural areas in Bangladesh. Our well trained Medical Technologists in the local centre register patient via our mobile application and then they collects medical history and symptom of patient. Medical data of patients are collected and sent to the head office of e-Hospital using medical devices and mobile app. A real time video conferencing is done for consultation with doctor. Medical Doctor’s in the head office of e- Hospital in Dhaka receive patients medical data and consult the patients with prescription.Read MoreRead less

Home Health Care

e-Hospital provides home health monitoring services. Our Medical Technologists visit the patient in their home and register them online and collect vital medical data such as BP Blood Glucose, BMI, Weight, ECG, Pulse Rate, etc. using portable medical devices and, mobile application. Which our doctor's sitting in the e-Hospital main centre receives and prescribes necessary medication according to the need in real time.Read MoreRead less

Corporate Health Monitoring

e-Hospital provides corporate health monitoring program to a wide range of organizations. For corporate health program, we provide diagnosing health condition of your employee and doctor consultation at the most optimized costing.

Regular Health Monitor

e-Hospital provides regular health check up facilities for patients. In this program, patients can visit our local centers or our Medical Technologists visit patients in their home and do the routine medical tests. Patients under this program pay monthly nominal fees for the medical health screening, consultation and prescription. Read MoreRead less

Smart Medical Devices

e-Hospital has modern smart medical devices. Patients can buy our modern smart devices such as ECG Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Weight Scale, Glucometer, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, etc.. After registration to our system, patients at their home can measure vital parameters of their own health themselves using smart devices and send the measured data to our head office via our mobile app. Doctor sitting in the e-Hospital main centre receives and prescribes necessary medication according to the need in real time. In this case, the patients or someone in the patient house are trained for the correct use of the smart devices.Read MoreRead less

e-Medical Health Record

When a patient is registered in the RPM system of e-Hospital, he or she is provided a patient ID. e-Hospital stores the patient health data securely in the system under the unique ID of each patient. Doctor and patient can view the recorded data for the later use. Patient also can allow someone of his close relative to see his/her medical data. Stored data are analyzed by the system and if any emergency situation arises automatic message is sent to patient or a phone call is generated from the e-Hospital. A reminder message or phone call is generated from e-Hospital for follow up treatment of the patients.Read MoreRead less


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